About Us

MAMATranslations is a family-type business that was founded on the basis of many years of personal and professional experience around the world. We have been working on the translation market for 15 years, during which we have gained a lot of invaluable experience that we are trying to pass on to our clients. Being purely an internet-based service enables us to offer unbeatable prices and top quality work to clients from all over the world.

Our main areas are:

Patents & Books

Research Projects

Scientific Articles

Theses & Essays

Medical Reports

Medical Equipment


Treatments & Aesthetics


Instructions for Use

Safety Data Sheets

Technical Reports

Marketing & Brochures

Product Offers

Websites & Apps

Tourism & Business

We also work as reviewers, translators, or language editors for international journals such as Retos, MEXTESOL Journal, the Journal of Sport Medicine & Physical Fitness, or the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

No extra charges

Straightforward and transparent pricing without hidden charges - we do not pay VAT

Specialized translations

We translate many different types of technical and specialized texts

Native speakers

Make your translations absolutely accurate with editing and proofreading by native speakers

Speedy translations

We process short texts (500 words) within 24 hours at no extra cost

Individualized strategies

We approach every translation based on your specific needs and the field/area of application

Modern translation techs

Our translation memory and glossary ensure that your terminology will remain consistent across all translations


We provide discounts for long texts and regular clients


Get your price quote almost immediately!

Translations of scientific, medical, technical, legal, and many other areas. English, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Slovak