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We use advanced technologies (so-called CAT tools) to improve translation quality by ensuring uniform terminology. In addition, these technologies are able to detect any typos and inconsistencies between original and target text. CAT tools also allow us to store all translated segments in an individual client database. If the same or similar segment reappears, there is no need to translate it again, but only to check and approve it, or modify it. Thus, translators save time, and clients money. Using CAT tools becomes especially handy in technical translations and large-scale orders

When will you get your order?

Short Translations

Translations up to 500 words will be delivered within 24 hours at no extra cost

Express Translations

If your order is longer and urgent, we recommend using our express service

Standard Texts

Standard texts are translated at a pace of approximately 2000 words per day. However, this pace is indicative and depends on several factors, such as text difficulty and area of expertise

Non-Binding Calculation

We will determine the exact delivery time within a non-binding price calculation

Express translations

Up to 1500 Words

Translations up to 1500 words will be delivered within 12 hours adding 50% up

Up to 2500 Words

Translations up to 2500 words will be delivered within 24 hours adding 100% up

Text formats

Thanks to using CAT tools we are able to translate any type of text while preserving the original format. Most often we work with MS Office (.doc/x, .xls/x, .ppt/x) and Open Office (.odt, .ods), html and Pdf files (even scanned files), but we can also work with texts in other formats such as .rtf, .txt, image formats (.jpg, .png), .indd and many more


Price Calculation

Translation prices are calculated based on the number of words in the original (source) text

Language Combination

Price will not only depend on the type and extent of the order, but also on the specific combination required


Get discounts for texts with a length of more than 5000 words. Discounts are also available for regular customers

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