Proofreading & Editing

We are here to ensure that your texts are stylistically and grammatically correct.

Whatever the purpose of your work - private, business, academic, etc. - do not let any typo, grammatical error, or inappropriate expression hinder its quality.

If we happen to find factual errors or inconsistencies in the text (such as typos in the data, quantity, missing sources/citations, etc.) we will let you know.

Proofreading is done by native speakers with a university degree in their mother tongue.

Proofreading & editing services


Proofreading and editing services are available in English, Italian, Czech, Spanish

3 in 1

Grammatical, stylistic, and pre-press proofreading/editing

Small & Large Texts

We proofread/edit from short emails and cover letters, to Vitas, presentations, academics works, books, or projects

Formatting in Style

We also check the style of your text, such as APA, MLA, Vancouver, Chicago, and others

Original Sources

If you send us a text that you have translated elsewhere, it is important that you provide us with the original as well. If the text was translated poorly, proofreading might not be possible. We do not accept texts from automatic translators because they usually do not need proofreading but to be translated again

When will you get your text?

Up to 500 words

Proofreading and editing texts of up to 500 words are delivered within 24 hours at no extra charge

Large Texts

For larger texts, the standard proofreading/editing pace is 5000-7500 words per day. However, this pace is indicative and depends on several factors, such as text difficulty and area of expertise. The minimum delivery time is 3 days

In a Hurry?

In case of urgency, it is possible to request express proofreading/editing, of the standard range within 24 hours at 100% additional charge, or within 48 hours at 50% additional charge

Text formats

Most often we work with MS Office (.doc/x, .xls/x, .ppt/x) and Open Office (.odt, .ods), html and Pdf files (even scanned files), but we can also work with texts in other formats such as .rtf, .txt, image formats (.jpg, .png), .indd and many more


Translations of scientific, medical, technical, legal, and many other areas. English, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Slovak