How to order

The ordering procedure is simple and fast. Please follow the steps below:

STEP 1. Ask for a price

To order a translation/proofreading, send the text file using the free quote form. In the case of large files that cannot be sent by Email, you can use any internet service such as,, or contact us and we will help you. The “best” document formats are text editors (Word, Pages, Notes, etc.). Documents can also be scanned and/or sent as a presentation, picture, or PDF file

STEP 2. Place your order

After receiving the price calculation, you can simply order the service by sending us a confirmation Email. You can also contact us by phone or via social networks. You will then receive an invoice with the price agreed

STEP 3. Document delivery

We will send you the finished work electronically to the Email address provided in the form, by the deadline specified in the offer. In case of large files, we will inform you about the exact delivery method

STEP 4. Billing

An invoice will be issued and sent to you as soon as you confirm your order. Once we receive a receipt of the payment, we will immediately start working on your order. Please consider that the estimated delivery time may change depending on when we receive your payment receipt. If you wish us to start processing your text as soon as possible, we recommend using the PayPal method as payments are visible almost immediately

Translations of scientific, medical, technical, legal, and many other areas. English, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Slovak